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Currently, many people are turning to unconventional means when it comes time to obtain a bit of emergency cash or Payday Loans Online. One popular method that now controls billions of dollars and services millions of US citizens is a payday loan online. Many people are turning to this method based upon advertising because many of the leading payday loan lenders are now placing advertisements in key locations and have made their businesses a household name.

One example of a unique advertising strategy was one major provider’s decision to advertise on football shirts during a recent football season. High profile television programs and mainstream air time have also led to a strengthening of the industry. But, are payday loans the way to go when it comes to finding emergency money? Also, what are the implications you can expect if you are unable to pay? Below we will answer these questions and more.


What is a payday loan online?

Basically, a payday loan online is a short term loan that is intended to help you through a period of time when you need a bit of extra cash. Typically, these loans are expected to be paid over the course of a couple of weeks, but some allow thirty to forty five days for repayment as well. Most lenders will allow you to borrow $100 and $1,000 depending on the amount of money that relationship with the lending institution as well as your credit and pay history.

Although these loans are fairly simple to obtain, interest rates for repayment are extremely high. Many lenders offer an APR that is several thousand percent higher than the original loan amount. This is an important item to think about when you are determining if a payday loan is right for you.

One of the best things about a online payday loan is how quickly they can be received. Some online services in the UK even offer payment directly to your checking account in as little as 15 minutes. Since this is very desirable, many people fail to look into the interest rate that is involved with payment.

In order to qualify for a payday loan, you must meet three simple requirements:
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have an active bank account for the money to be transferred into
  • You must have a regular monthly income from your place of employment

After these three items are met, you should easily be able to apply for a loan. Most Payday Loans lenders advertise that bad credit is not a problem, but it is important to understand that interest rates will be much higher at these locations than they are elsewhere.

Overall, an online cash advance can provide you with the money needed to cover unexpected expenses. You generally will pay back the loan with your next paycheck so that you can go with your life.

Are there any alternatives?

There are alternatives that you can choose in order to avoid a payday loan. For example, if you are having issues managing your finances, there are services available that will help you set a budget and will teach you how to better live within your means.

Another option is to ask a friend or a family member for the money instead. Many times this is a more viable option than a payday loan and you should consider carefully the resources that you have at hand. You should also be certain that you are only choosing to obtain a loan if you are using the money for necessities. Choosing to fund a holiday through a payday loan is not the best idea.

Finally, if you have fairly decent credit, you may find that some credit cards may be a better option for you. Although the money will not be available immediately in most cases, you will have the opportunity to receive a lower interest rate than you would with a payday loan.

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What happens if I don’t pay?

Repaying your payday loan is extremely important. Not only are you risking paying additional fees and interest rates, many lenders will begin court proceedings if non-payment occurs. If you are taken to court, you will face heavy fines and court fees in addition to the amount that you owe the lending institution. If you find that you are going to have a difficult time repaying your debt, it is important to contact the lender immediately. By doing so, you may be able to save yourself major issues related to court costs, additional fees and the embarrassment of being taken to court. Many times arrangements can be made with the lender in order to avoid many of these issues.

A payday loan can be a fantastic way to secure funds to take you to your next paycheck. However, it is important to realize the cost issues related to this unconventional loan process and to understand what your alternatives may be. If you are looking for a payday loan provider in the US, be sure to research them carefully and look into the fine print as well as reviews. Protect yourself with knowledge before you begin the loan process and be certain that you will be able to repay on time in order to avoid issues later down the road.

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Having access to payday loans online is a great way to solve a financially difficult problem without having to resort to friends or family for the money that you need. In just a few minutes, you can get the loan you need to cover the unexpected expense.